Water and Waterways of Italy

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Venice There are over 200 canals in Venice, the Grand Canal is the largest S shaped. 400 bridges cross these canals which are like our roads and streets. Gondolas the narrow black boats are used by tourists to experience the view of the city from these canals. It can be flooded in the winter months. [...]

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Life Expectancy In Italy

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Italians have a lower infant mortality rate and live an average of slightly two years longer than Americans. Americans have a life expectancy of 78.11 years at birth. The Italian life expectancy is 80.20 years. This statistic applies to Italy overall, but on the Italian island of Sardinia, inhabitants frequently live to 100. This includes [...]

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Italian Style Gardens

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This style of garden design started out in villas then introduced fountains, water and statues to impress. Alot of visual, sound and smells make an Italian garden complete. Visual due to the statues and usually symetrical design mirror images. The sound of water in the form of still or running.  The smell of the herbs, [...]

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Plants and Trees in Italian Gardens

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Cypress Tree This is the view of Italian scenes and the tall thin upright trees shooting up into the sky make a fabulous backdrop to the lakes and all over Italy. Lemon Tree The bright yellow fruit filling the lemon trees look so appealing in the Italian sunshine. You can marvel at just how the [...]

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Italian Clothing and Designer Brands

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Milan The city of Milan in Northern Italy is the hub of the design fashion world. They house fashion shows here twice a year. Being able to fly easier, quicker and cheaply to major cities now people can venture to Milan to shop for their own high quality clothes. Italians in general are reknowned for [...]

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Pace of Italian Life

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The pace of Italian life may take abit of time to get used to, what with our hectic fast pace lifestyles, the Italians will leave you to enjoy your coffee or wine on the veranda for as long as you wish to, without feeling rushed.  You may even find it hard to catch the waiter [...]

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Opening an Account A bank account can be opened in Italy if you are a resident or non-resident, you must be over 18. If you are non-resident you can open a non-resident account only. An account can be opened on the same day. To open an account you will need:- Passport and tax number Utility [...]

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Health Care

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State Hospitals Italian healthcare is called the ‘Italian Republic.’  State hospitals in southern Italy may not be up to standard as some in the north they do however provide very low cost care to a very good standard. photocredit Italian doctors are very passionate about their job and are very well trained in their profession. [...]

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