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This style of garden design started out in villas then introduced fountains, water and statues to impress.

Alot of visual, sound and smells make an Italian garden complete. Visual due to the statues and usually symetrical design mirror images. The sound of water in the form of still or running.  The smell of the herbs, plants, flowers like lavender and rosemary. The sweet smell of the white flowered jasmine remind me of Italy.

In medival times the garden was surrounded by walls and it was used as a kitchen to grow herbs and vegetables for the owner.

Describing garden design in the renaissance period stated “a villa or a house should be placed above the garden so it can be viewed from a high level.”

The renaissance period also saw a rise in botanical gardens with plants brought in from all over the world never seen before.


Fabulous renaissance gardens are:-

Villa d’Este at Tivol, near Rome (1550-1572) [above].

Sacro Bosco (sacred wood) at Bomarzo, Lazio, Central Italy (1552-1584) full of interesting huge statues with mouths you can walk through, figures and creatures carved from volcanic rock.


One of the most famous fountain is the Trevi fountain in Rome.  You just don’t expect to come across this down the small italian street and alleyways, then you hear the roar of the water.

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