June 11th, 2011 @

Cypress Tree

This is the view of Italian scenes and the tall thin upright trees shooting up into the sky make a fabulous backdrop to the lakes and all over Italy.

Lemon Tree

The bright yellow fruit filling the lemon trees look so appealing in the Italian sunshine. You can marvel at just how the trees can grow fruit outside even in Northern Italy.


The distinct smell of jasmine flowering is one smell you will never forget. It surrounds you in Italy, usually a climbing bush variety with small white flowers.

Olive Tree

The olives are usually grown in orchards, the grey leaf colour are a common site especially in the country.

Bizzy Lizzie Bedding

Coming in a range of brightly coloured flowers these type of bedding plants are used alot in pots and for multiple larger areas for colour in ranges of pinks, reds and whites.


These colourful bright flowers are used in Italian terracotta pots and window boxes coming in reds through to pinks. They really look great outside houses on window ledges.


Grape Vines

Grown in orchards in rows needing alot of space, these vines look organised, neat and green.

Herb Basil

Perfect on spaghetti, raviolli, lasagna, the taste epitomizes Italian food.

Herb Rosemary

Very aromatic bushy herb used for flavour, has small blue flowers, protect from frost.


Used in cooking for meat dishes this plant is a perfect mediterranean species with silver grey foilage and purple flowers the smell is devine. The aroma is very relaxing and helps promote sleep.

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