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There are over 200 canals in Venice, the Grand Canal is the largest S shaped. 400 bridges cross these canals which are like our roads and streets. Gondolas the narrow black boats are used by tourists to experience the view of the city from these canals.

It can be flooded in the winter months. Venice, the city built on water is beautiful, magical and everyone should visit in their lifetime.


The Tiber River is the 3rd longest in Italy and flows through the city of Rome.

There is no city in the world which has more fountains, 11 acqueducts supply water to the city. The most famous is the Trevi fountain built 1732-1762. You just don’t expect to come across this down the small italian streets and alleyways, then you hear the roar of the water and this fountain just dominates the small area. You must however follow the tradition and throw a coin into the fountain which means you will someday return again.

Piazza Navona has the Fountain of Neptune struggling with an octopus. Built on this site of the ‘games’.

Lake Garda

This is the largest lake in Italy.

Lake Maggiore

This is the second largest lake in Italy.

Lake Como

This is the third largest lake in Italy and the deepest in Europe. Lots of famous people own villas on the edge of this lake like George Clooney, the film Ocean’s Twelve was filmed on this lake, Donatella Versace also has a home here. The name ‘Como’ is derived from a roman town.


In the centre of the Piazza delle Erbe is a 14 century fountain of a roman statue. A beautiful circular fountain is outside the grounds of the ampitheatre.

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