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The first recorded date of putting together pasta with tomatoes was in 1839.  In the 1300s pasta was popular as it had a long shelf life and was therefore used on ships for long voyagers.  By law in Italy pasta must contain 100% durum flour and semolina flour and water.

Durum wheat was introduced to Sicilly by the invading Arabs in late 7th Century. 2nd Century writings show a receipe for lasagna deep fried. 5th Century writings show a recipe for layered meat lasagna. The word spaghetti means ‘strings.’  By 1785 Naples had 280 pasta shops. In 1800s street vendors were selling pasta via a charcol fire to the public.

Some of the best pasta, raviolli, lasagna I have ever tasted was in Italy of course! The raviolli in Limone on Lake Garda homemade with spinach and ricotta cheese. The lasagna from a trip to Florence, this just fell apart with a fork – fantastico!

What makes Italian pasta so special and tastier than other countries is the length of time taken over it, the drying process is much slower. This is what gives the pasta its yellow colour.


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