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Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But why do people like to visit? Here are ten popular reasons why people choose to visit Italy.
1. Food. Whether it is pasta, seafood, cheeses, or desserts such as tiramisu or cannoli, authentic Italian food is a treat not to be missed.
2. Venice. Visitors must take a gondola ride through the city?s famous canals. Venice stretches between 117 islands along the Adriatic Sea in northern Italy. Venice is also famous for its architecture.
3. Rome. The capital of Italy, Rome is also its largest city. Rome is also the home of many famous landmarks, such as the Coliseum, Stadio Olympico, and Piazza della Repubblica.
4. Roman Coliseum. The Coliseum is the largest amphitheater built in its time. This landmark is perhaps one of the most famous in Rome and an iconic symbol of both the Roman Empire and of Italy. It?s also considered one of the great works of Roman architecture. The coliseum was home to gladiator contests, animal hunts, public executions, dramas, and re-enactments of famous battles.
5. Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower located behind the Cathedral of Pisa in the city of the same name. A popular tourist activity is to pose for pictures pretending to hold up the tower as if preventing it from falling down. The tower itself actually began leaning during its construction due to an inadequate foundation and being built on unstable soil. Legend has it that Galileo dropped two cannonballs from the top of the tower to prove that speed of descent was separate from their mass.
6. Wine. Italy is very famous for its wines. The most well-known Italian wines include whites such as Pinot Grigio and Moscato, and Chianti, a type of Sangiovese, Italy?s most famous red.
7. Tuscany. Tuscany is famous for its lush landscapes, food and wines. It?s probably the most famous for being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.
8. Fashion. Italy is one of the leading countries in haute couture. Italy is the home of such famous fashion houses as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace, and Missoni. Fashion week in Milan is a big event that draws people from around the world.
9. Culture. Italy is the home to many famous artists and composers, galleries, and opera houses. DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael are all famous Italian artists. Giacomo Puccini is the composer of such operas as Madame Butterfly and La Boheme. Vivaldi?s most famous work is The Four Seasons, which is still heard today.
10. Vatican City is the principality that is home to the Vatican, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics all over the world come here to see the Pope. While Vatican City is its own sovereign entity, it is located within the city of Rome. The Sistine Chapel, famous for its painted ceiling, and St. Peter?s Basilica are also located in Vatican City.

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