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Fresh Ingredients

Fresh vegetables and ingredients go into making Italian food. Lots of herbs and spices are used to flavour dishes.

Olive Oil

Researchers have discovered olive oil has the ability to switch off genes that inflame e.g. arthritis and heart disease.  One of the best olive oils in the world comes from Tuscany it is a  deep green colour called ‘Laudemio’ an extra-virgin oil and comes boxed so light doesn’t cause any damage. The land and weather here is perfect for olive trees.  To register as extra-virgin it must have proof of no defects, no contamination to the product. The best known brands are Bertolli, Filippo Berio.


Health benefits – olive oil has a mild laxative effect, stimulates the gallbladder preventing gallstones, protects mucus membranes, helps absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, it decreases risk of cancer e.g. colon and breast. Contains good fats and doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Natural antioxidants helps slow down the ageing process.

Tomatoes – Vine tomatoes are used alot, these type of variety have so much flavour. Rich in vitamins C, A and K, reduce heart disease, antioxidents, protect cells, may prevent certain forms of cancer, when cooked the antioxident effect is increased not decreased as in most cases.

Oregano – antioxident, antibacterial.

Garlic – Lowers blood pressure and bad cholestrol, reduces heart attacks, strokes, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, flights cancers, antioxident, antibiotic, helps side effects of diabetes.

Artichokes – vitamin C, magnesium, folic acid, fiber.

Basil – anti-bacterial, vitamin C, calcium, iron, anti-inflammatory, protects cells from radiation.

Honey – Sardinia makes an unusual light bitter honey which is very tasty. Antiseptic to the urinary system, helps a sore throat, bronchitis, anti-asthma.

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