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To drive in Italy you will require:-


* Valid UK Passport

* Full driving licence photocard

* Must be over 18

* Car Insurance, vehicle registration document

* GB sticker

Keep all your documents with you when driving.

Seatbelts – all passengers must wear seatbelts. Children under 12 or below, must wear seatbelts and a suitable restraint. As the UK, under 12′s must not sit in the front of the car.

In Italy and Europe you drive on the right and overtake on the left.

Tolls – white signs to pay cash, Blue signs to pay credit cards, Yellow signs reserved for telepass users.

Speed Limits – built up areas = 31 mph, ordinary roads = 55 mph, dual carriageways = 68 mph, motorways = 80 mph.

Drinking – the alcohol limit is lower than the UK. 50 mg per 100 ml of blood. It is much safer to avoid drinking any alcohol if you are driving.

Rules of the Road

1. Headlights must be on and dipped even during the day when driving on motorways and dual carriage-ways.

2. When buying petrol stay in your car and an attendant will usually come to serve you.

3. Give way to buses, trains, trams and of course emergency vehicles.

4. Vehicles on hills travelling upwards have priority.

5. Give way to traffic joining from the right.

6. Cars not registered in Italy must have an EU style number plate and a GB sticker.

Car Passes – boundaries are sign posted with the black letters (ZTL) on yellow background. You will need a pass to go further than the boundary signs, otherwise you may be fined. Individual passes for every city are different. Park outside the city. If you are staying in a city centre hotel you will require a pass.

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